About Us

Helms & White Dental has been providing dental care to the community of Lismore since 1935. Drs Graeme Helms and Brendan White have been in practice since 1996 following the traditions of Drs Harry Shand, Dennis McCarthy and Kerry Baveas, in treating many generations of the same family. We continue to practise as a modern evidence-based practice utilising latest techniques.


We provide high quality general dental care for all ages. We deliver a consistent health-based service that we’ve back up for decades. The practice is owned and operated by Drs Graeme Helms and Brendan White, who both live and practice in the local community.

Doctors Helms and White attend at least 20 hours of continuing education annually to ensure patients receive high quality dental care, and both are active within their professional organisation.

The practice offers access to the latest technologies. Dr Helms & White offer implants, bleaching, endodontics, crown & bridge work. All ceramic solutions are available where appropriate. Dr Helms & White refer to specialist dentists for orthodontics, implant placement, periodontics, prosthodontics and oral surgeryinsuring patients receive the highest quality care from expertly trained specialists. All specialists referred to have a long-standing relationship with Dr’s Helms and White and provide expert care in our local area.

Sustainability Practices

Helms and White dental practice operate according to our own set of sustainability principles; something that we consider important in order to protect our planet for future generations. In an attempt to lighten our footprint, we use energy-efficient lighting and equipment. We aim to greatly reduce the use of plastics by adopoting a system of using instrument cassettes. At the practice we endevour to greatly reduced our use of both paper and water by adopting the use of alcohol based handrubs. Being mindful of pollutants that ultimately end up disrupting and damaging our eco-systems we capture amalgam and separate this from regular waste to ensure clean water is passed back into the ocean. Have a chat to our team about these practices next time you visit.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is our priority.

At Helms and White we abide by the Australian Charter of Health Care Rights. Your personal privacy and patient records are maintained and handled in a manner to assure confidentiality. Our fully integrated patient record system has been computerised for 20 years but remains isolated from the internet to ensure security.

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